At DO Polygraph, Inc., we affirm the truth accurately, clinically, and compassionately. We believe in truth without trauma, performing thorough scientific testing with care.



Before administering professional polygraph examinations, our examiners engaged with a diverse population through public speaking, counseling, and written resource development in pastoral and recovery group facilitator roles. DO Polygraph, Inc. exists to serve the cause of truth.



You can be sure your examiner is certified by their active membership in recognized polygraph associations. You can find our lead examiner, David Ower, currently listed in the following associations:

  • American Polygraph Association (APA)
  • California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE)
  • National Polygraph Association (NPA)


Professional polygraph associations require accredited education. Our lead examiner completed the following degrees and certified trainings:

  • The Master’s University – BA, Cum Laude
  • Marston Polygraph Academy – Graduate, APA-Certified 400-hour Basic Polygraph training.
  • Marston Polygraph Academy – Graduate, APA-Certified 40-hour PCSOT training.


DO Polygraph, Inc. requires every examiner to exceed the experience requirements of each major association. See our lead examiner, “David Ower”, listed as follows:


Computerized Polygraph (Lafayette Instrument LX5000)

DO Polygraph, Inc. uses only the latest technology to measure physiological responses. The Lafayette Instrument LX5000 computerized polygraph is used for all exams. This instrument is the cutting edge digital physiological recording device from the company trusted by most Federal agencies.

Physiological Response

Physiological Response Detector

Upper body, sweat gland, vasomotor, and heart activity are measured using multiple non-invasive components. Physiological responses are recorded digitally and viewed on a computer monitor.


Digital Analysis

Test data can be assessed using digital measurement and scoring tools following the exam. Credibility assessment is grounded in computerized data analysis.


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