How We Get Results

We perform professional credibility assessments and we get results. We affirm the truth with scientific procedures, interviewing, and the latest technology. Accuracy, clear reporting, confidentiality, and quality assurance are hallmarks of every examination, whether in our polygraph suite or a mobile testing environment.



D.O. Polygraph exists to serve the cause of truth. When someone tells the truth their body clearly reflects their decreased cognitive load. Our clients agree that although facing reality may be difficult, being honest is the most important thing they can do.

Proving the truth is priceless. The polygraph appointment is a rare opportunity to be completely honest with a safe, neutral person and take control of what is 100% true. D.O. Polygraph has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to face the most difficult of situations, clear the air, and establish trust.


Professional polygraph is an applied science, utilizing a combination of evidence-based procedures, principles, and technology. D.O. Polygraph follows best practice outlined in the latest peer-reviewed research. Every examination has a statistically meaningful result grounded in science.

D.O. Polygraph uses only validated techniques to present stimulus questions to the examinee. Multiple medical-grade bodily sensors record physiological data which are displayed on a digital monitor. The data is analyzed, and a credibility assessment is made using computerized measurement tools.


D.O. Polygraph thoroughly and fairly reviews the test issues with the examinee before testing. We allow enough time to clarify issues, establish the truth, and review the polygraph test questions so there are no surprises in the testing phase. The goal of the polygraph examination is to affirm the truth, not break down the examinee.

The entire exam is client-centered. Examinees can terminate the test at any time. Breaks are provided to ensure examinee comfort. If significant physiological responses are shown during the testing phase then the examinee will be given a chance to explain those responses.


D.O. Polygraph uses the latest technology to ensure the most accurate physiological scans and diagnostic results. The Lafayette Instrument LX5000 computerized polygraph instrument is used to measure and analyze all physiological data obtained from medical-grade sensors.

Upper body, sweat gland, vasomotor, and heart activity are measured using multiple non-invasive components. Additional motion sensors are utilized to isolate autonomic nervous system responses. Digital physiological and audio/video recordings ensure accurate computerized scoring, quality control, and accountability to the major polygraph associations.


D.O. Polygraph provides the most accurate evidence-based polygraph examinations. Our accuracy levels are grounded in scientific research, never based on mere opinion. We refuse to make false claims of higher accuracy levels to compete with the claims of fraudulent examiners.

Since validated polygraph techniques are used in every examination we refer our clients back to the statistical analysis when discussing accuracy. Technology, training, experience, and accountability ensure the procedural integrity necessary to guarantee accuracy.


D.O. Polygraph is known for thorough, clear communication to all relevant parties. We provide customized reporting options to meet the needs of every client. Our reports range from short and simple to long and detailed. We provide text, phone call, email, or physical reports.


D.O. Polygraph abides by the same confidentiality standards you would expect from an attorney. Results are released only to parties designated by the client in the consent form completed before the examination. Note: Polygraph examiners are not mandatory reporters.


D.O. Polygraph participates in professional quality control review. Client confidentiality is maintained throughout the quality assurance process.