You deserve a professional polygraph.

Is your examiner an active member of these major polygraph associations? Click logos below to find out:

These associations require certified training, continued education, and accountability for quality examinations. Our lead examiner, David Ower, graduated cum laude from The Master’s University, top of class from Marston Polygraph Academy, and has maintained stringent requirements for ongoing APA, NPA, and CAPE membership. You will also find David listed on the elite list of CAPE Certified Examiners and CAPE PCSOT Examiners.

DO Polygraph, Inc. complies with all scientific testing standards set forth by ASTM using only techniques validated through research.



My client's confidentiality is of the utmost importance so their names have been left out to protect their anonymity.  If you'd like to contact one of my previous clients I may be able to  arrange that. 

Thank you for your services and your kind, compassionate manner in delivering the results.
— Partner of person rebuilding trust after infidelity
I truly appreciate all your updates and everything, you actually amaze me… you are very organized.
— Examiner
You are changing the way we do things. For the better.
— Therapist

You will be the only person I will refer for polygraph from here on out. I was quite impressed with how thorough you were with the entire process.
— Private Investigator

“You’re good at this. You’re a real professional. The other polygraph examiners I’ve had haven’t been as professional. Thank you.”
— Client who undergoes regular testing.

Continued Education

DO Polygraph, Inc. requires our examiners to exceed the minimum required continuing education hours for the APA, CAPE, and NPA. Each of these associations tracks approved continuing education units (CEU) as part of ongoing membership and certification requirements. Some recent CEUs completed by our lead examiner include the following:


PCSOT (16 CEU), April 2016

PEAK Credibility Assessment
Advanced Examiner Course (32 CEU), October 2016

Behavioral Technology
Monarch 21 PPG System (12 CEU), January 2017

Countermeasures, Etc. (16 CEU), March 2017

Behavioral Analysis Training Institute
 Investigative Interviewing (40 CEU), March 2017

New Directions in Sexual Abuse Prevention (2 CEU), March 2017


PCSOT Polygraph (2 CEU), April 2017

John E. Reid & Associates
Investigative Interviewing (18 CEU), June 2017

Information Practitioners Need to know about Sexting (2 CEU), June 2017

American Polygraph Association
National Training Seminar (37 CEU), August 2017

Quality Assurance, PCSOT, etc. (16 CEU), October 2017

Probation Supervision of Sex Offenders (2 CEU), October 2017